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How to extend an ad by SMS?

An SMS contains not only the information about the expiration of your ad, but also a code to reactive it. You only need to text the code to a number specified in the SMS to continue displaying your ad on

NOTE: Please enter the code carefully, exactly as provided in the SMS. If you make a mistake, it will be impossible to send the activation code.

The activation code can be used onlyonce and is valid for 7 days from the day it was sent. If you wait long for the activation, do not send a new SMS with the code, but contact the payment service: write to payu@payu.plor call (61) 630 60 05.

The cost of sending an SMS with a code is 9,84 PLN gross (in case of a room rental ad – 3.69 PLN gross). The cost of the SMS will be charged to your phone bill, or – in case of prepaid phones – to your card.

In order to receive an SMS with an activation code:

1.      Place an ad.

2.      Select the SMS payment method.

3.      Select the following option: “I want to receive a free SMS informing me about the expiration of my ad with a reactivation code. The option is available only when paying by SMS”.

4.      Click on Activate.

 When your ad is about to expire, an SMS will be sent to the phone number you gave when making a payment.

NOTE: The service is available only to users of mobile phones of the Polish mobile networks.

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